Buying & Selling Investment Property  
    The word "investment" means different things to different people, and a lot depends on your financial situation, goals, & lifestyle.  
    Our expertise is listing & selling property, but our mission is building relationships. In addition to our relationships with our customers, we've also built long-term affiliations with local bankers, mortgage brokers, home inspectors, real estate attorneys, & appraisers  

If you're thinking about buying, The Hiers Team can assist you with finding just the right investment property for you.

If you have an investment property to sell, let The Hiers Team use our extensive network & strong Internet presence to give your property maximum exposure.

Either way, you'll be a part of our team during the entire process, as we assist you with finding the right lender, inspector, attorney, etc. and guide you through buying or selling your property.
    Even during softer market times, property on Hilton Head Island & surrounding areas continues to be
an excellent investment. Time & time again, we talk to people who say they wish they'd bought here
years ago. Don't let that happen to you! Just imagine what your investment could be worth next year!

Is beach property likely to be a good long-term investment?

How do I transfer assets?

What's the formula for investment property cash flow? For rental rate to purchase price?

What tax deductions can I utilize?

How can I make investment property my wealth builder?
    Contact The Hiers Team for answers to questions like these!  
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